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Test report of Hakuu-Poly (moisture wicking, cool feeling and anti-UV polyester yarn)

Table of Contents

Hakuu-Poly by Hikingtex is a moisture-wicking, cool feeling and anti-UV polyester yarn. Hope you’ll have a cool summer with Hakuu-Poly. 

1. Test report

As the original test report is in Japanese, here we also enclose English translation version.

2. Introduction of Hakuu-Poly:

1. Moisture wicking
The cruciform cross-section increases the surface area and creates micro-channels, so fabric with Hakuu-Poly yarns can transports moisture away from the body to keep the wearer cool and dry on hot days.
2. Cool feeling
With nano-sized jade in fiber, the heat conductivity of Hakuu-Poly is well increased and fabrics with Hakuu-Poly can get the fabulous cool feeling.
3. Anti-UV
Ultraviolet can not only cause aging but also increase the risk of skin cancer. With nano-sized jade, UPF of fabrics with Hakuu-Poly yarns can reach 50+.
4. Heat blocking
The nano-sized jade in Hakuu-Poly yarns can reflect infrared rays and insulate heat from the human body.
5. Showing through resistant
With Hakuu-Poly, the transparency of polyester fiber is reduced.
This feature is especially applied in light fabrics.

3. Product Range:

a. Spun yarn: Count: 10s – 80s
Ratio: 100% Hakuu-Poly, Hakuu-Poly blended yarn, core spun yarn also available
b. Filament:
50D/72F, 75D/72F, 100D/144F, 150D/144F.

4. End

As a functional and innovative yarn supplier, Hikingtex is always focused on yarn R&D and quality improvement, if any questions or requirements, welcome to us.


we'd like to share more about funtional yarns with you in future.