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Have a warm Winter with Hikingtex: Yarn recommend for Winter

Table of Contents

Here we’d like to recommend several products suitable for cold Winter:

1. WooFit-Poly

Thermal and far infrared heating polyester yarn, also called thermo generating yarn, far infrared yarn.

a. Heating

Nano-sized coffee charcoal is put in WooFit-Poly fiber, so fabrics with WooFit-Polyyarns can release far infrared rays to generate heat to body, expanding capillaries to improve blood circulation and accelerating metabolism.

b. Thermal

WooFit-Poly fiber has hollow structure, which can contain isolated air, maintain body temperature and isolate cold air outside.

c. Light
Hollow structure makes fiber weight very light, can make human body exercise freely.

2. WooFit-Acrylic

Thermal and heating yarns, also called thermo generating yarns.
a. Heating

Human body gives a lot of moisture no matter in active or rest. With nano-sized particles of multifunctional mineral, WooFit-Acrylic can  absorb moisture from air and human body, then transform into heat.

b. Thermal

WooFit-Acrylic is microfilament and hollow, which contains a lot of static air, so it can effectively prevent heat loosing in cold weather.

c. Soft and Breathable

WooFit-Acrylic is soft and comfortable hand feeling with microfilament feature.

3. Temsmar

a. Intelligent temperature management

With microencapsulation technology, Temsmar yarn by Hikingtex is a cellulose fiber spun yarn, with both rayon and lyocell available. It can absorb heat from bodies when the temperature rises and release heat to bodies when temperature drops, to provide a temperature-stable environment to your body.

Temsmar yarn can make 5.6℃ lower during temperature rising and over 20.4℃ higher during temperature dropping, which is widely applied in underwear, home textile, hosiery, sportswear, and kids’dress.

b. Energy saving

In hot summer, Temsmar can absorb heat from bodies continuously, which can make temperature come back to a cool level without an air conditioner.

In cold winter, Temsmar garments can release heat to bodies continuously, which can keep the temperature at a warm level without an air conditioner.

4. Aerogel Yarn

Thermal, Heat Insulation and Light Weight polyester yarn.

a. What is Aerogel?

Aerogels are a class of synthetic porous ultralight material derived from a gel, in which the liquid component for the gel has been replaced with a gas, without significant collapse of the gel structure, which results in a solid with extremely low density and extremely low thermal conductivity.
After years’ efforts, Hikingtex succeeds to get aerogel muster batch and produce aerogel yarn.

b. Thermal and Heat Insulation:
Air itself is a poor thermal conductor, but it can still transfer heat by convection. However, in aerogel, the narrow space in the nanostructure hinders air molecules from moving freely and effectively, and hence prevents convection of the air trapped inside, which enables aerogel to be an even better thermal insulator than air, its thermal conductivity is as low as 0.013W/m∙K.

c. Light weight:
Aerogels have a porous structure and contain a high percentage of air (>95%), which results in their extremely low density (the lowest aerogel can be 0.16 mg/cm3).

5. WooFit-Rayon

a. Far infrared heating

Nano-sized charcoal is put in WooFit-Rayon fiber, so fabrics with WooFit-Rayon yarns can release far infrared rays to generate heat to body, expanding capillaries to improve blood circulation and accelerating metabolism.

b. Deodorizing

The charcoal in the fibers form a porous surface and it make WooFit-Rayon can absorb odors to make air clean and fresh.

c. Thermal

WooFit-Rayon has porous structure, it can maintain body temperature and isolate cold air outside.

6. End

As functional and sustainable yarn supplier, welcome to Hikingtex for more about yarns.


we'd like to share more about funtional yarns with you in future.