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Hygroscopic and Fast Dry Polyester

Table of Contents

 1. Background

  Now business competition is intense especially in traditional industries such as textile, so as a new direction, innovative yarns are becoming more and more popular.

  On the other hand, as our society develops, consumers are becoming more rational and have higher requirements for textile products’ functions.

  Therefore these functional and innovative yarns are springing up in recent years.

 2. Introduction of Hygroscopic & Fast Dry Polyester

  Hygroscopic & Fast Dry Polyester is mainly used in hot days, usually for short we call it Fast-Dry polyester.

  With cruciform cross-section, fast dry polyester can transports moisture away from body to keep the wearer cool and dry on hot days.

 3. Features

  Yarn features with Fast-Dry polyester are as below:

  a) Easy-Care,

  b) Good moisture management and wicking performance,

  c) Good air permeability,

  d) Excellent washfast and colorfast performance,

  e) Fast dry.

 4. Regular Products:

  a. 100% Fast-Dry polyester spun yarn and blended yarns include Fast Dry Poly/Cotton, Fast Dry Poly/Rayon, etc.

  b. 100% Fast-Dry polyester and blended core spun yarn with spandex is available.

  c. Both raw white and dope dyed black Fast-Dry polyester are available.

Cross section of Fast-Dry polyester under microscope


we'd like to share more about funtional yarns with you in future.