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Intelligent Thermo Regulating Yarn – Technology Textiles In Winter Olympic Games

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2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games ended successfully.

The gathering of athletes from all over the world triggered the Olympic boom, and Technology textile participated in the games as a behind-the-scenes event, in order to maximize athletes’ performances in winter sports.

When Team USA appears at the 2022 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony, the anorak attracted attention all over the world, due to its advanced warming technology.

The sporty line was infused with technical innovation. To create the anoraks, Ralph Lauren used a temperature-responsive fabric called Intelligent Insulation. The fabric is made of two separate yarns, so it can expand when the temperature drops, so an extra layer of insulation is created. When the temperature rises, the insulation flattens.

As a functional and innovative yarn supplier, Hikingtex is also supplying intelligent thermo regulating yarn – Temsmar for years.

With microencapsulation technology, Temsmar yarn by Hikingtex is a cellulose fiber spun yarn, with both rayon and lyocell available. It can absorb heat from bodies when the temperature rises and release heat to bodies when the temperature drops, to provide a temperature-stable environment to your body.

Temsmar yarn can make 5.6℃ lower during temperature rising and over 20.4℃ higher during temperature dropping, which is widely applied in underwear, home textile, hosiery, sportswear, and kids’ dress.


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