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Iraklis Nylon: Replacement of Cordura/Dyneema

Table of Contents
01- Introduction to Iraklis Nylon by Hikingtex  

IRAKLIS ® is a new type of bio-based polyamide yarn launched by
Hikingtex for the textile industry.

Both spun yarn and filament yarn available.

01) Polyamide Monomer Synthesis Route.

02) The high performance of Bio-based Polyamides, comes from more natural structure

Keep Natural ‘Activity’

02- Features of Iraklis

a. IRAKLIS ® – Excellent wear resistance

b. IRAKLIS ® – Excellent moisture absorption

c. IRAKLIS ® – Dyeing performance

Dyeing performance: easy to dye at low temperature

PA56(Iraklis) is better than PA6 and PA66. Especially when dyeing dark colours, the aomunt of dark colour dye is less, which is beneficial to reducing dye costs.

03- Applicaton of Iraklis

a. Fiber Type of IRAKLIS®  


b. Application of IRAKLIS Filament

•High Moisture Absorption

•High Elasticity

•Easy Dyeing

•High Wear Resistance

c. Application of IRAKLIS Filament

——Imitation silk products

Soft, skin friendly, silky and smooth

The weight of Iraklis 56 is light than traditional nylon, which has lighter skin experience come with finer fibers.

Because of the characteristics of light weight, coupled with the inherent soft water waxy feeling of bio-based materials, it is very silky.

Suitable for imitation silk products, such as imitation silk clothing, accessories, pajamas, bedding, etc.

d. Application of Irakis Staple Fiber

•Good Moisture Absorption


•Easy Dyeing


e. Application of IRAKLIS Industrial Yarn

•High Strength

•Flame Retardant


•Easy to Eye

f. Application of iraklis – Carpet



•Easy to Dye

04- End

If any interests, welcome to Hikingtex for more data about Iraklis nylon.


we'd like to share more about funtional yarns with you in future.