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Microencapsulation PCM Technology yarn: Temsmar – make you comfortable all seasons

Table of Contents
1. How Temsmar works?

Temsmar is an intelligent thermo-regulation cellulose fiber spun yarn that provides fabrics with the ability to dynamically respond to body heat.

Intelligent Thermo-Regulation display of Temsmar fiber

With Microencapsulated PCM(Phase Change Materials), Temsmar yarn can act like a heat buffer. When you get to hot, Temsmar can absorb and store the heat to keep you cooler. And when you feel cold, the technology can release the stored heat back to you. Therefore the climate around you is constantly wonderfully balanced. 

It helps to maintain a balanced temperature day and night and the performance is durable.

2. How to prove its performance?

Regarding DSC test, full name is Differential Scanning Calorimetry, it can prove how much thermal capacity can be absorbed, stored and released by the tested material. 

So according to the report, We can know: 

When you’re in hot, the energy capacity the tested fabric can absorb and store is 2.3-2.4J/kg,

And when you’re cold, 2.5J/kg energy can be released.

3. Application:

Temsmar is ideally designed for textile products that are within reach of body heat and skin’s moisture, especially suitable for next-to-skin products such as underwear, home textile, hosiery, sportswear, and kids’ dress.

4. Regular running counts:
Temsmar/Cotton combed 50/50 32s
Temsmar/Cotton combed 50/50 40s
Temsmar/Polyester 50/50 32s
Temsmar/Polyester 50/50 40s

We can also produce according to your requirements.

5. End

If interested in this product, welcome to us for complete product data and test report.

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