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Our popular products during HanoiTex & HanoiFabric 2022

Table of Contents
Hanoitex 2022 & HanoiFabric 2022: Vietnam Hanoi Textile & Garment Industry Fabric & Garment Accessories Expo

1. Intelligent temperature regulation cellulose yarn – Temsmar

a. Introduction

Temsmar is an intelligent thermoregulation cellulose fiber spun yarn that provides fabrics with the ability to dynamically respond to body heat.

With microencapsulation technology, microencapsulation involves the packaging of a liquid or solid substance. When you are hot and sweaty, the substance will absorb heat to transform from solid to liquid, so the cooling function is activated and the microencapsulation will change from liquid to solid by giving out heat once the outer is cold, then thermal function will act.

Temsmar make 7.2℃ lower while temperature rising and over 8℃ higher while temperature dropping.

It helps to maintain a balanced temperature day and night and the performance is durable.

b. Application:

Temsmar is ideally designed for textile products that are within reach of body heat and skin’s moisture, especially suitable for next-to-skin products such as underwear, home textile, hosiery, sportswear, and kids’ dress.

2. New Dual Core Spun Yarn – Scell CSY

Selected functional material with unique spinning technology by Hikingtex, Scell CSY is a new developed dual core spun yarn, with features of less hairiness, resistance to pilling, no splicing, high water absorption and washing resistance.

a. Less hairiness

Special structure of Scell CSY leads to less hairiness. Less hairiness reduces the fluff and dust generation in next process.

Printing and dyeing also take advantage of these characteristics.

b. Resistance to pilling

Because Scell CSY has less long hairs and is naturally stable due to its structure, the fibers are secure from movement resulting in reduced pilling.

c. No splicing points
Splice is always a headache for core spun yarns. With special technology, Scell CSY has over 80% less splicing points compared with ordinary core spun yarn.

d. High water absorption
Special structure, together with selected material, Scell® CSY has higher water absorption.

e. Wash resistance
Scell CSY has less lint shedding, less fabric shrinkage, less fabric skew and less color loss caused by repeated wash and dry, when compared with the yarn by other spinning process.

3. Moisture wicking, cool feeling and anti-UV nylon: Hakuu-Nylon

a. Moisture Wicking

With profiled cross-section, fabrics with Hakuu-Nylon yarns can remove moisture from body to keep wearers cool and dry on hot days.

b. Cool Feeling

The heat conductivity of Hakuu-Nylon fabrics is well increased with nano-sized natural mineral powder embeded, so it offers great Qmax cooling value.

c. Anti-Ultraviolet

Ultraviolet can not only cause aging, but also increase risks of skin cancer. With nano-sized mineral powder, UPF of fabrics with Hakuu-Nylon yarns can reach 50+ .

d. Product Range:

1). DTY: 30D/40D/50D/70D/140D

2). FDY: 50D/70D/140D/280D

4. Permanent anti-bacterial cotton yarn: TechNa-Cotton

A gift from nature, Combination of cotton and herbal extractant with rich Zinc, TechNa-Cotton is a permanent anti-bacterial cotton yarn

a. Anti-bacterial & anti-virus

Bacteria are negatively-charged and Zinc ions are positively-charged, so zinc will be absorbed on the surface of bacteria, then electrolyte balance of bacteria are broken, Finaly bacteria will die due to cell walls’ damage.

TechNa-Cotton can inhibit echerichia coli, candida albicans and staphylococcus aureus effectively.

b. Deodorization
Zine can romove body odor and keep skin clean.

c. Safety
The Zinc is put in polyester fiber during its production and won’t drop.

d. Product Range :
Count: 16/1s – 80/1s
Ratio: 100% TechNa-Cotton or blended with other materials
Core spun yarn available.

5. Thermal and light polyester yarn: Aegorel Yarn

Thermal, Heat Insulation and Light Weight polyester yarn.
a. What is Aerogel?

Aerogels are a class of synthetic porous ultralight material derived from a gel, in which the liquid component for the gel has been replaced with a gas, without significant collapse of the gel structure, which results in a solid with extremely low density and extremely low thermal conductivity.
After years’ efforts, Hikingtex succeeds to get aerogel muster batch and produce aerogel yarn.

b. Thermal and Heat Insulation:
Air itself is a poor thermal conductor, but it can still transfer heat by convection. However, in aerogel, the narrow space in the nanostructure hinders air molecules from moving freely and effectively, and hence prevents convection of the air trapped inside, which enables aerogel to be an even better thermal insulator than air, its thermal conductivity is as low as 0.013W/m∙K.

c. Light weight:
Aerogels have a porous structure and contain a high percentage of air (>95%), which results in their extremely low density (the lowest aerogel can be 0.16 mg/cm3).

d. Available Count:
1) Spun Yarn: 100% Aerogel or blended, 10s-60s
2) DTY:50D/48F, 75D/72F, 100D/72F, 150D/144F

6. Heating acrylic yarn by absorbing moisture: WooFit-Acrylic

Thermal and heating yarns, also called thermo generating yarns.
a. Heating

Human body gives a lot of moisture no matter in active or rest. With nano-sized particles of multifunctional mineral, WooFit-Acrylic can absorb moisture from air and human body, then transform into heat.

b. Thermal

WooFit-Acrylic is microfilament and hollow, which contains a lot of static air, so it can effectively prevent heat loosing in cold weather.

c. Soft and Breathable

WooFit-Acrylic is soft and comfortable hand feeling with microfilament feature.

d. Available Count:

1) Spun Yarn:

Count: 16s – 80s,

Ratio: 100% WooFit-Acrylic or blended with other materials.

2) Filament:

36Nm, 52Nm, 64Nm

7. End

As a functional and sustainable yarn supplier, welcome to Hikingtex for more about yarns.


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