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Hemp Yarn | Anti-bacterial and Sustainable Hemp Yarn


Hemp, technical name Cannabis Sativa, is the first material that was used in textile. With Hemp by Hikingtex, innovative cottonization and spinning technology:

1. you can get fabulous cotton style with our yarn (hemp style also available),

2. yarns can contain as high as 70% hemp.




a. Yarn Features:
1. Sustainable:

Hemp is a natural and degradable fiber.

Its grow requires less water much compared with cotton and doesn‘t need pesticides.

Hemp                   Cotton
3 – 4 months Growth Cycle 8 – 9 months
Require no pesticides Production Use 26% of the world’s pesticides
544 kgs Output of CO2 during production 1680 kgs
220 – 365 kgs Average Fiber per acre 54 – 201 kgs
680 Litres per shirt Water Usage 2,725 Litres per shirt
2. Multi-functional:

1) Hygroscopic

2) Breathable

3) Anti-bacterial


b. Available Yarn count:

Hemp blended yarn, can blend with cotton, polyester and other materials, both cottonized hemp (cotton style) and raw (rough style) are available, count from 10s to 60s,

Core spun yarn with spandex is also available.