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Aerogel Yarn| Thermal, Heat Insulation and Light Weight Yarn

What is Aerogel?

Aerogels are a class of synthetic porous ultralight material derived from a gel, in which the liquid component for the gel has been replaced with a gas, without significant collapse of the gel structure, which result in a solid with extremely low density and extremely low thermal conductivity.

After years’ efforts, Hikingtex succeed to get aerogel muster batch and produce aerogel yarn.

Light Weight

Aerogels have a porous structure and contain a high percentage of air (>95%), this results in its extremely low density (the lowest aerogel can be 0.16 mg/cm3).

Thermal and Heat Insulation

Air itself is a poor thermal conductor, but it can still transfer heat by convection. However, in aerogel, the narrow space in the nanostructure hinders air molecules from moving freely and effectively, and hence prevents convection of the air trapped inside , which enables aerogel to be an even better thermal insulator than air, its thermal conductivity is as low as 0.013W/m∙K.


Available Count:

Spun Yarn: 100% Aerogel or blended, 10S – 60S

DTY: 50D/48F, 75D/72F, 100D/72F 150D/144F