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Temsmar | Intelligent Thermo Regulation Rayon Yarn

Wearable Air Conditioner, bring you Spring all year.

a. Yarn Features:
1. Intelligent temperature management

With microencapsulation technology, Temsmar yarn by Hikingtex is a cellulose fiber spun yarn, with both rayon and lyocell available. It can absorb heat from bodies when the temperature rises and release heat to bodies when temperature drops, to provide a temperature-stable environment to your body.

Temsmar yarn can make 5.6℃ lower during temperature rising and over 20.4℃ higher during temperature dropping, which is widely applied in underwear, home textile, hosiery, sportswear, and kids’ dress.

2. Energy saving

In hot summer, Temsmar garments can absorb heat from bodies continuously, which can make temperature come back to a cool level without an air conditioner.

In cold winter, Temsmar garments can release heat to bodies continuously, which can keep the temperature at a warm level without an air conditioner.

3. Application:

Underwear, sportswear, pajamas, beddings, etc.

Inspired by vine plants, we created this special spinning technology, combining cotton fiber and nylon filament.


b. Available Yarn count:

Count: 21/s – 50/1s,

Ratio: 100% Temsmar or blended with polyester, cotton, acrylic, etc.