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WooFit-Acrylic | Thermal and Heating Acrylic Yarn


Thermal and heating yarns, also called thermo generating yarns.

a. Yarn Features:
1. Heating

Human body gives a lot of moisture no matter in active or rest. With nano-sized particles of multifunctional mineral, WooFit-Acrylic can absorb moisture from air and human body, then transform into heat.

2. Thermal

WooFit-Acrylic is microfilament and hollow, which contains a lot of static air, so it can effectively prevent heat loosing in cold weather.

3. Soft and Breathable

WooFit-Acrylic is soft and comfortable hand feeling with microfilament feature.

b. Available Yarn Count:
1. Spun Yarn:

Count: 16s – 80s,

Ratio: 100% WooFit-Acrylic or blended with other materials.

2. Filament:

36Nm, 52Nm, 64Nm