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WooFit-Rayon | Far Infrared Heating, Deodorizing and Thermal Yarn

a. Yarn Features:
1. Far infrared heating

Nano-sized charcoal is put in WooFit-Rayon fiber, so fabrics with WooFit-Rayon yarns can release far infrared rays to generate heat to body, expanding capillaries to improve blood circulation and accelerating metabolism.

2. Deodorizing

The charcoal in the fibers form a porous surface and it make WooFit-Rayon can absorb odors to make air clean and fresh.

3. Thermal

WooFit-Rayon has porous structure, it can maintain body temperature and isolate cold air outside.

b. Product Range:

Spun Yarn: 10s-80s

Ratio: 100% WooFit-Rayon or blended with other materials,

Core spun yarn also available.