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Woolsmar | Wool hand feeling, cationic dyeable and anti-pilling polyester spun yarn

                                               Woolsmar: Polyester spun yarn with wool hand feeling, cationic dyeable and anti-pilling


1. Wool style

With special cross-section of the polyester fiber, together with special spinning technology, Woolsmar yarn’s appearance and hand feeling are very close to wool.

2. Soft and Fluffy

There’s bigger space between fibers, so fabrics with Woolsmar yarns are quite fluffy and soft.

3. Cationic Dyeable

Woolsmar yarns are easy to dye.


Tenacity of Woolsmar fiber is 45% less than normal polyester fiber, so the performance of anti-pilling is granted to fabrics with Woolsmar yarns.

5. Available count

Can blend with rayon, cotton and so on, count from 10s to 80s.