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Core Spun Yarn

a. Yarn Features:
1. Advanced splicing solutions.
2. Differential and functional materials are available



b. Available Yarn count:
1. Regular Core spun yarn:

a) Outer fiber includes cotton, polyester, rayon, tencel, modal and other fibers.

b) Can be 100% pure spun or blended spun with 2 or 3 fibers.

c) Siro and sirocompact core spun available, count from 10s to 50s.

2. Melange core spun yarn

Outer fiber can be black cotton, dope dyed black polyester/rayon and so on, 100% spun and
blended available.


c. Functional and Innovative Core Spun Yarn

1. Core spun yarn with special outer staple

We succeed to apply different fibers in core spun yarn, such as: Anti-bacterial cotton, hemp, wool/cashmere, cool feeling polyester, thermal polyester, anti-bacterial polyester, etc.

2. Super Stretch Core Spun

Better covering performance, can reduce splice problem and can also provide perfect stretch and recovery.


Following are some regular core spun yarns:

CORE SPUN YARN Ne16/1s RW Poly + 40D Lycra
Ne21/1s Dope Dyed Black Poly + 40D Lycra
Slub Core Spun Yarn, Ne30/1s RW Poly + 40D Lycra
BLENDED/MELANGE CORE SPUN YARN NE21/1s RW Poly/Viscose 65/35 + 40D Lycra
Ne32/1s Carded Cotton/Coolmax 50/50 + 20D Lycra
Ne21/1s RW Poly/Carded Cotton 65/35 + 70D Lycra
Slub yarn, Ne12.5/1s Carded Cotton/Hemp 75/25
Ne16/1s Black Poly/Raw White Viscose 50/50 + 70D Lycra
Ne16/1s Black Poly/Black Viscose 65/35 + 40D Lycra
Slub Core Spun Yarn, Ne21/1s Poly/Viscose 65/35 + 20D Elastane
NE16/1S Carded Cotton/Tencel + 70D Lycra
Ne21/1s Black Repreve + 40D Lycra
DUAL CORE SPUN YARN Ne21/1s Poly/Cotton 65/35 + 75D T400 (Filament) + 40D Lycra
Ne12/1s Thermolite/Coolmax/Combed Cotton 35/35/30 + 40D Lycra
Slub yarn, Ne10/1s Carded Cotton/Modal Lenzing 50/50 + 150D T400 + 40D Lycra
TRIPLE CORE SPUN YARN Slub yarn, Ne18/1s Carded Cotton + 75D DTY + 30D Creora + 20D Elaspan
Ne10/1s RW Poly/Carded Cotton 70/30 + 75D DTY + 30D Creora + 20D Elaspan