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SCELL® CSY (Core Spun Yarn)

Selected functional material with unique spinning technology by Hikingtex, Scell CSY is a new developed core spun yarn, with features of below:

1.Less hairiness

Special structure of Scell® CSY leads to less hairiness. Less hairiness reduces the fluff and dust generation in next process. Printing and dyeing also take advantage of these characteristics.

2.Resistance to pilling

Because Scell® CSY has less long hairs and is naturally stable due to its structure, the fibers are secure from movement resulting in reduced pilling.

3.No splicing points

Scell® CSY has over 80% less splicing points compared with ordinary core spun yarn.

4.High water absorption

Special structure, together with selected material, Scell® CSY has higher water absorption.

5.Wash resistance

Scell® CSY has less lint shedding, less fabric shrinkage, less fabric skew and less color loss caused by repeated wash and dry, when compared with the yarn by other spinning process.

6.No skewness

With special yarn structure, fabric with Scell® CSY has no skewness problem.