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Hakuu-Nylon | Moisture Wicking, Cool Feeling and Anti-UV Nylon Yarn

a. Yarn Features
1. Hygroscopic and fast dry

Fabric with Hakuu-Nylon technology can transport moisture away from the body to keep wearer cool and dry on hot days.

2. Cooling touch

With functional nano-sized functional particles, Hakuu-Nylon can increase heat conductivity and bring fantastic cooling touch while touching skin.

3. Heat insulation

Infrared ray is the main factor to cause hot feeling. Hakuu-Nylon can reflect infrared ray and isolate heat.

4. Anti-ultraviolet (anti-UV)

Ultraviolet can not only cause aging, but also increase risks of skin cancer.

5. Super Soft

Products with Hakuu-Nylon are soft, drapable and bright with our special spinning technology.

6. Anti-Showing through

Fiber transparency is reduced with nano-sized jade in Hakuu-Poly, so it can help to improve showing through problems of garments, especially light garments for summer.

b. Available Yarn Count:

DTY: 30D/40D/50D/70D/140D