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Hakuu-Poly | Moisture Wicking, Cool Feeling and Anti-UV Polyester Yarn

a. Yarn Features:
1. Moisture wicking

The cruciform cross-section can increase surface area and create micro-channels, so fabric with Hakuu-Poly yarns can transport moisture away from body to keep wearers cool and dry in hot days.


2. Cool feeling

With nano-sized jade in Hakuu-Poly fiber, the heat conductivity of Hakuu-Poly yarns is well increased and fabrics with Hakuu-Poly yarns can get fabulous cool feeling.

3. Anti-Ultraviolet (anti-UV)

Ultraviolet can not only cause aging, but also increase risks of skin cancer. With nano-sized jade, UPF of fabrics with Hakuu-Poly yarns can reach 50+.

4. Heat blocking

The nano-sized jade in Hakuu-Poly yarns can reflect infrared rays and insulate heat from human body.

5. Anti-showing through

Fiber transparency is reduced with nano-sized jade in Hakuu-Poly, so it can help to improve showing through problems of garments, especially light garments for summer.


b. Available Yarn count:
1. Spun Yarn:

Count:16/1s – 80/1s

Ratio: 100% Hakuu-Poly, Hakuu-poly belended yarn,

Core spun yarn also available.


Hakuu-Poly: 50D/72F, 75D/72F, 100D/144F, 150D/144F.