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TechNa-Poly | Anti-bacterial and Moisture Wicking Polyester Yarn

a. Yarn Features:
1. Anti-bacterial & anti-virus

Herbal extractant with rich Zinc is put in fiber permanently to grant anti-bacterial function.,

Bacteria are negatively-charged and Zinc ions are positively-charged , so zinc will be absorbed on the surface of bacteria , then electrolyte balance of bacteria are broken, finaly bacteria will die due to cell walls’ damage.

2. Moisture Wicking

With profiled cross-section, TechNa-Poly yarns can transport moisture away from the body to keep wearers cool and dry in hot days.

3. Safety

The Zinc is put in cotton through displacement reaction, it won’t drop from the surface of fabric.

  Nano-Sized Zinc Nano-Sized Silver Nano-Sized copper
Application range can be widely used be limited due to toxicity be limited due to toxicity
Safety safe not clear not clear
Cost low high middle
Persistance long long long
Appearance colorless and odourless easy to oxidate and discolour easy to oxidate and discolour
4. Deodorization

Zinc can remove body odor and keep skin clean.


b. Available Yarn count:

100% TechNa-Poly yarn and TechNa-Poly blended yarn,

Count from 10s to 60s,

Core spun yarn also available.