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Thermoregulation display of TEMSMAR (Intelligent temperature management yarn for all seasons)

Table of Contents
1. Introduction

Temsmar is an intelligent thermoregulation cellulose fiber spun yarn that provides fabrics with the ability to dynamically respond to body heat.

With microencapsulation technology, microencapsulation involves the packaging of a liquid or solid substance. When you are hot and sweaty, the substance will absorb heat to transform from solid to liquid, so the cooling function is activated and the microencapsulation will change from liquid to solid by giving out heat once the outer is cold, then thermal function will act .

Temsmar make 7.2℃ lower while temperature rising and over 8℃ higher while temperature dropping.

It helps to maintain a balanced temperature day and night and the performance is durable.

2. Application:

Temsmar is ideally designed for textile products that are within reach of body heat and skin’s moisture, especially suitable for next-to-skin products such as underwear, home textile, hosiery, sportswear, and kids’ dress.

3. End

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