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What is core spun yarn?

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As a funtional and sustainable yarn supplier, Core Spun Yarn is one of Hikingtex’s main product series. So what is core spun yarn? And what kind of core spun yarn Hikingtex can provide?

In this article we’d like to introduce some about core spun yarns:

1. What is core spun yarn?

2. Difference between core spun yarn and covered yarn.

3. Applications of core spun yarn.

4. Regular core spun yarn by Hikingtex.

5. Functonal and innovative core spun yarns by Hikingtex.

6. End

1. What is core spun yarn?

The use of core-spun yarns in denim made denim more flexible and expanded its applications across industries. Then what is core spun yarn?

It has two components. The inner component is a core made of continuous filament yarn, usually spandex or DTY filament, and an outer spun yarn sheath covering the yarn core. The use of spandex as the yarn core imparts sought-after properties such as stretchability, durability, better resistance against breakage and so on.

2. Difference between Core spun yarn and Covered yarn.

Core spun yarn and covered yarn are similar, so it’s easy to make people confused.

Actually they’re easy to tell: covered yarns are core–wrap yarns consist of core filament(s) wrapped or covered by a yarn. And a readily separable core surrounded by fibers or fiber strands is core spun yarn.

3. Applications of core spun yarns:
  1. Woven corduroy fabric and stretchable denim made from elastomeric core/staple-fiber wrap yarns made from spandex and cotton.
  2. Some bed sheets and knit fabrics made from core-spun yarns with polyester filament core and a sheath of combed cotton fibers. The advantages of these products are high strength and durability provided by the polyester filament and comfort characteristics provided by the cotton sheath.
  3. Some sewing threads made from polyester core/cotton wrap fibers by plying and twisting together two core/sheath yarns.
  4. Some cotton-knit swimsuits made from spandex core and cotton fiber wrap to provide better fit using a very small amount of spandex (as little as 1%). This yields the traditional performance of fabrics made from spun yarns with the additional advantages of good elongation and elastic recovery provided by the spandex component.
  5. Some secondary carpet backing made from polypropylene split or tape core/polypropylene fiber wrap.
  6. Flame-retardant and protective clothing made from fiberglass filament core/aramid fibers wrap and carbon core/aramid fiber wrap.
  7. Protective gloves made with steel wire surrounded by aramid fiber blends.
4. Regular core spun yarns in Hikingtex:

(we can produce according to customers’ requirements)

5. Funtional and innovative core spun yarns by Hikingtex
6. End

As a functional and innovative yarn supplier, Hikingtex is always focused on yarn R&D and quality improvement, if any questions or requirements, welcome to us.


we'd like to share more about funtional yarns with you in future.